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art - watercolor, oilcolor paintings
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Model on bed 

Model on bed
Model on the bed 50X70 cm
Model on the bed 50X70 cm

Original  9.5" X 12 " Watercolour on paper. 
This figure painting using watercolour was created from a live model which has become part of my weekly routine as an artist. There is a definite energy and excitement that comes as I work directly from the figure. In this study I am not so concerned about complete accuracy as I am to reacting to the pose and the space around it, as well as the light that is cast upon it.

The loose style and expressionistic feel along with the joyful use of color make this painting able to be displayed in any setting. As the painting is painted on professional grade watercolour paper, longevity will not be and issue, ideally this piece of art should be matted and framed under glass.
IT WILL BE MAILED IN A ROLL TUBE wrapped  carefuly  and professionaly unless asked different

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Model on the bed
Model on the bed

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