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About the artist Y.Shualy
  Y. Shualy won a scholarship by the American Israel Culture foundation, several  times, as well as the First Prize of Labor Union party, for young artists.   In the year 1964 he moved to London in order to study art. During that time he exhibited his paintings in several art galleries in London and Wales, where he lived for several  months. During 1974-75, he studied art in Vienna, Austria, where he learned the technique of the Vienna school of art. This  method was used by the great artists like Prof. Ernst Fuchs. E. Brauer, Prof. R. Housner and others of the Wiener Schule des Phantastischen Realismus, The artist returned to Israel in 1975, where he currently lives works and teaches his art in Tel Aviv,  His  main topic is landscape, to which he has returned again and again throughout his career and in most of his oil paintings.  Shualy treated landscape as a setting of  mythological atmosphere and as means of experimenting with the effects of shadow and light. The landscape is a stage on which
    Y. Shualy enacts and re-enacts past, present, and future,  uniting them in his paintings into integrated and enthralling narrative, which moves freely around his beloved plane country  view of the center Israel. In his paintings, Y. Shualy created the  countryside tales of history, myth, drama, natural power, and
human progress. These themes run across his painting career for the last 40 years. Yoav Shualy participated in 60 solo exhibitions and in about 27 group exhibition. His exhibitions took place in .Great Britain, Austria, France, United States,  Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Israel.

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